Give me a Tequila that won’t make me feel sick!

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After a few slurps, I often hear the drinker surprisingly (reluctantly?) concede that it’s actually not that bad. With so many great Tequilas on the market now, it’s a spirit that for many people, has shaken off its cheap and nasty reputation as leaving you with nothing more than a wretched hangover.

Pinche Pinche Tequila
Tequila at Pinche Pinche

I love Tequila: straight, in a cocktail (our Tommy’s Margarita), in a coffee, added to food, poured over a dessert in liqueur form, before a meal, after, during – any which way to be honest! I’m always being told off by my wife for drinking too much of the stock – all in the name of research of course! Like Mexican food, there is so much variety in Tequila – you miss so much if you just neck it. I love to sip it, savour it, and appreciate the rich unique flavours that this carefully produced spirit offers.

So Tequila gets its name from the city of Tequila in the state of Jalisco in north west Mexico, and like Champagne in France, only Tequila produced in this area can legally be called ‘Tequila’.

Pinche Pinche only sells 100% Blue Agave Tequila

First and foremost, you know you’ve got the good stuff when it says ‘100% Blue Agave’ on the label. Then you know that it’s made only from the fermented Blue Agave plant rather than mixed with other sugars (hence the hangover). It takes 10 long years before the Agave plant is ready to be harvested.

Tequila styles

Obviously where the agave is grown affects the flavour of Tequila. Blue Agave from the highlands tends to be sweeter, whereas lowland Blue Agave is more herby.  Also, once distilled, the more time the Tequila has ‘rested’ in oak casks, the smoother and woodier the flavour and more golden the colour. Pinche Pinche mostly offers the first 2 styles but we’ll happily share our older, smokier Tequilas with you if you’d like to try them.

Blanco/white – usually bottled straight after distillation but can be aged for up to 60 days. Our Tequila of choice is Tapatio, which has a spicy and deliciously peppery flavour. Try it in our signature Tommy’s Margarita cocktail

Reposado – aged for between 2 months and just under a year, this is the most popular style of Tequila drunk in Mexico. My favourite reposados are Don Fulano and Siete Leguas, both perfect for sipping on their own before or after your meal.

Anejo – aged for 1-3 years. Deep caramel colour, with woodiness and butterscotch flavours. We hold the highly regarded Herradura Anejo.

Extra anejo – aged for 3 years or more. Mahogany colour with chocolatey and caramel flavours. Rich and complex, this is expensive stuff!

Being the national spirit of Mexico, obviously it’s the perfect complement to Mexcian food. Whether you’re yet to be converted to Tequila, or already a big fan, don’t leave Pinche Pinche without having some!  And don’t even get me started on Mezcal……

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