Malquerida red lager

Malquerida red lager at Pinche Pinche

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We’re currently sipping on Malquerida, a red lager from the Estrella Damm brewery in Spain.  Estrella developed Malquerida with Ferran and Albert Adria, the chefs behind the world famous elBulli restaurant in Catalunya. 

The brewery and the chefs created  Malquerida as the perfect pairing for the strong, complex flavours of Latin food, which is continuing to grow in popularity. 

The ingredients in Malquerida are just as innovative as the ones the brothers use in their food.  Hibiscus flowers give the beer a beautiful and distinctive red colour.  The list also includes orange and the Mexican staple of maize, as well as wheat, hops and malt .   The result is a unique and refreshing lager.

Malquerida might translate as ‘unloved’ but we think this is one beer you’ll keep going back to.  Let us know what you think of it.

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