Mezcal serve at Pinche Pinche

Mezcal at Pinche Pinche

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Para todo mal, Mezcal, y para toda bien, tambien’ 

‘For everything bad, Mezcal, for everything good, the same!’

Mezcal at Pinche Pinche
Mezcal, copitas, orange with worm salt

We serve Mezcal at Pinche Pinche the traditional way with slices of orange, topped with worm salt.  The worms are harvested from the Agave plant, which Mezcal is made from.  The worms are crushed and toasted, then salt and chile added.  Sip the Mezcal then take a bite of the orange to clean your palate and enjoy all the flavours in every mouthful.

We use ‘copitas’ to serve – hand crafted, glazed small clay cups with a wide brim that allow the layers of flavours to unfold.  We also use ‘vaso veladoras’, another popular way of drinking Mezcal.  Vaso Veladoras are small, simple glasses that were originally used as candle holders in church!  Sip, bite, sip, bite…….which flavours can you taste?

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