Tofu Tacos

Tofu tacos

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Delicious Mexican tofu tacos

How do we make our delicious Pinche Pinche Tofu tacos? First we marinate tofu in achiote paste and citrus. Then we pan fry it with mojo de ajo, herbs and spices.  Finally we serve it up with salsa verde, pink onions and hot habanero salsa.  So who said tofu was boring?!


Tofu taco flavour

Most people agree that the bean curd known as tofu is pretty tasteless on its own but equally this is what makes it such a  versatile ingredient.  It’s very absorbent and so when combined with Mexican flavours it’s deliciously tasty too.

To pump up the flavour on our tofu tacos, we’ve pinched the achiote marinade that usually reserved for the traditional Mexican pork dish ‘Cochinita Pibil’. Achiote is found across Central and South America. It’s made from annatto seeds, which give the marinade it’s bright orange-y red colour. It has a peppery and sweet flavour. We also add mojo de ajo, a garlic mix.  The mojo really takes these tofu tacos to another level! Topped off with crunchy pink onions and zingy habanero salsa and you’ve got a fabulously tasty dish – whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, a carnivore or gluten free.

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