Burritos, open burritos, enchiladas and platters are much larger than tapas dishes.  Take your pick and enjoy as a main meal for one. 


Large flour tortilla rolled and filled with rice, beans, salad, cheese, sour cream, Mexican pickle, watercress and salsa, with your choice of:

Marinated Chicken £10.50

Brisket – with sweet peppers and BBQ salsa £10.50

Plantain – delicious, mildy sweet and banana-like (v)  £9.50

Fish – lightly battered with avocado, coleslaw and Chipotle aioli £11.50

Spiced Roast Broccoli – with vegan cheez (v) (ve) £9

Barbacoa Lamb – marinated lamb with spicy Arbol salsa £11.95

Pork – with smoked bacon and avocado salsa £10.50


A burrito without the tortilla. With Mexican rice, black beans, avocado salsa, Salsa Mexicana, Mexican pickle, watercress and your choice of salsa

Marinated Chicken (gf) £10.50

Pork £10.50

Plantain (gf) (v) £9.50

Spiced Roast Broccoli (gf) (v) (ve) £9

Barbacoa Lamb (gf) £11.95

Fish  (gf) £11.50

Brisket (gf) £10.50

Pick a salsa from cool Salsa Verde, mild Salsa Molcajete, warming Arbol Salsa, sweet and spicy Salsa Negra or very hot Habanero Salsa.


Three rolled corn tortillas baked and topped with salsa:

Pork with salsa verde and cheese (gf)

Beef with BBQ salsa and cheese (gf)

Mushroom roasted and topped with salsa verde (gf)(v)(ve)



Mexican combos for one

Surf and turf – crispy fish taco, chile prawn sope, mini beef burrito, black beans, salad and avocado salsa (gf)


Vegetarian – corncake fritter taco, mushroom sope, mini spiced roast broccoli burrito, black beans, salad and avocado salsa (v) (ve)



gf – gluten free

v – vegetarian

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